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2 min readAug 25, 2021

Hey Networkers, I’m here again.

So between the last post and today, I got start my Cyber Defense Associate Degree at University FIAP and get started my journey at Cisco Systems as a CSS Intern \o/ ( It was all a dream). Yep, I’m studying CyberSec (that´s include a lot of areas like OS, Programming languages, Cloud and so on) and understanding my function inside cisco as well preparing to CCIE EI.

Contents that I’m using today:

Cisco resources:

Studying network programmability. Course Programming for Network Engineers (PRNE) v1.0

Maybe next month I’ll start Devnet certification preparation.

Deepdive LAN Campus:

Book Ethernet: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition

Idea here is get hard skills in traditional LAN Campus before Cisco SD-ACCESS and ACI.

CCIE EI Certification resources:

To follow CCIE EI blueprint I decided to restart from CCNA 200–301. Why? I was thinking about Labs and technologies gaps that I have. About that, I’ll restart from CCNA and then,CCNP Core and CCNP Enarsi before CCIE EI (using INE resources. CCNA learning path done). To give me more time with new blueprint, CLI and dashboards (DNA, SD-WAN…)


CC1E 0x108D4

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